Water purification

Water purification CONTACT How the Southern Water Purification Project Could Help Africa’s Food Security

How the Southern Water Purification Project Could Help Africa’s Food Security

The United Nations has launched a $100 million water purifier project in Kenya, Uganda and Uganda’s northeastern states, but its backers say the project is about helping people in the region live healthier lives.

The project aims to purify drinking water in six of Kenya’s 24 counties, including the drought-stricken country’s capital, Nairobi, and help the country recover from a water crisis.

The $100 billion project is expected to begin in 2019 and will cost around $200 billion.

“The goal is to be able to provide water for people in those areas, so that they can survive,” Kenyatta University professor Dr. Daniel Dibb told reporters.

The Kenyan water purifiers were designed by German company Bosch, and have a total of 16 million litres of water in them, according to the project website.

“It is an innovation, it is an achievement.

We have worked on it for decades, and it is a very, very good achievement,” Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga said.

Water purifiers can help alleviate the burden of water scarcity in Africa’s poorest countries, including Ethiopia, Sudan and Zimbabwe, by providing clean drinking water to households, Dibbs said.

The drought in Kenya and Uganda has forced thousands of people to rely on bottled water, which they have to drink for a few days to avoid water contamination.

Dibb said he hopes the project will help ease the water crisis in Africa and help farmers and businesses recover.

“We are working on the whole of Africa, but we are going to help Africa,” Dibs said.

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