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Water purification ORDER Toronto’s water woes: Can Toronto stop borax?

Toronto’s water woes: Can Toronto stop borax?

TORONTO — Water problems have been the worst since the beginning of the year.

And Toronto, which uses about 70 per cent of the world’s boron, has not been able to contain the problem.

A new study by environmental consultancy Arup has found that water usage in Toronto, the country’s largest city, rose by almost 60 per cent from January to March.

The study found that citywide, the amount of boronite water consumed increased by more than 200,000 litres a day in the first half of March, compared with the same period last year.

That compares to the city’s consumption in the third quarter of 2016 of just 1.4 million litres a year.

The Toronto Region Conservation Authority said the increase in water use was largely attributable to a decrease in water consumption from other sources, such as municipal water systems and underground injection wells.

Toronto’s borsite water, which is made from the waste of cement production, has been blamed for causing an array of ailments including rashes, allergies, respiratory problems and kidney problems.

In addition, the city has been forced to add extra sand and gravel to the roads, which the company is using to make a sand bank.

But the environmental consultant says there is no evidence to suggest that the increase is related to the borons.

“I can’t see a connection between borates and the increase, the only thing that is known is that they are being used, they are used as a waste,” said Mike McNeil, who studies waste management at the University of Toronto.

Some city councillors have suggested the problem stems from Toronto’s use of the borsites, which it uses to make concrete, which they have also been using to build homes and other structures.

McNeil said the issue is more than just a lack of supply.

He said the city could use to stop adding sand to the roadways.

A report published last month by the Ontario government found that Toronto’s boric acid use rose by 30 per cent in the three months before and after boracic acid was banned.

Meanwhile, Toronto’s sewage treatment plant has not delivered the amount promised by the provincial government to clean up the city, which has not implemented the federal-level plan to eliminate the practice.

Water in the city averages about 10,000 cubic metres per day, which represents about 10 per cent more than it was at the beginning in March.

Toronto is the second-largest city in the world, after San Francisco, with an annual population of about 25 million.

(AP Photo/Paul Chiasson) Arup found that the city is using a third less water than it did last year and that Toronto residents are using more water than they did in the fourth quarter of 2015.

It found that people living in the northern suburbs, where water is cheaper and most of the population lives, were using more than their average consumption in May.

Overall, the study found, people are consuming about 20 per cent less water each day than they were in the previous three months.

Despite the increased use, the water levels in Toronto’s rivers have not risen enough to prevent the city from going into a chronic water shortage.

Last month, the federal government pledged $2.6 billion to address the problem, which includes spending $500 million for a water-treatment plant to clean water.

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