Water purification

Water purification ORDER The NHL may have found a way to solve the water purifier problem

The NHL may have found a way to solve the water purifier problem

A new water purifying pen is being tested on ice at the NHL’s training camp in Toronto.

The new system was tested on the ice during the first day of the training camp on Tuesday and the results were positive, head coach Dale Hunter said.

Hunter said the team is still working to perfect the process to make sure it works for everyone, but said he believes the technology has the potential to save lives.

“It’s definitely a breakthrough in terms of technology,” Hunter said after the practice.

“It’s certainly a step in the right direction.

I can see the next step is that they will have a product that is available in stores and in stores that can actually save lives and hopefully get the puck out of the net.

It’s a little bit of a gamble.

We’re a small market and a small team and there are a lot of unknowns.

But if you have the right product, it can make a big difference.”

The process is similar to that used by the NHL, which has experimented with using water purifiers at hockey practices and games, but it has been tested on an NHL arena ice surface before.

The NHL has had the water-purification pen at practice sites since the first preseason game in 2013, and has been using it at home games and on the road, where it has proved popular.

Hunter said he would like to see the product go to the ice more frequently in order to have it available to the general public.

He said he had some concerns with the system in the first few months of testing, but that he believes it has now become a real product.

He said the system has been able to purify a lot more than he had initially hoped.

“I’m sure the team was looking for it to be a little more effective and to really save a lot less water, so we’re just excited about that,” Hunter told reporters Tuesday.

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