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Water purification CONTACT What it’s like to clean up after the Sydney Opera House disaster

What it’s like to clean up after the Sydney Opera House disaster

The Sydney Opera house was a massive engineering marvel, a multi-million dollar project which included a seawall, a sewage treatment plant and a water filtration system.

But the water was filthy, and there was no place to put the dirty water to good use.

The building was one of the world’s largest, and had been built as a landmark for Australia.

It’s a marvel of engineering and a monument to the city’s multicultural heritage.

It also required millions of dollars of expensive renovation work.

The water treatment plant was designed to purify the citys water supply.

The only way to clean the sewage was to dump the filth on the street.

That’s what the Australian government did.

It did exactly that.

In the 1990s, a project was put in place to remove the filtrates from the city.

But there were many other problems to be worked out, so it was decided to build a sewer line to the sewage plant to divert the filaments and let the sewer system run without the filtrate.

The sewer line was constructed on top of a hilltop, and it was the only way the sewage could be cleaned.

Now, it’s one of Australia’s biggest clean-up projects.

The first sewer line The Sydney sewer system was built in 1897, and was completed in 1913.

In 1914, the city built its first sewers to run from the harbour to the CBD, with a capacity of just 3.5 million litres per day.

When it was completed, the system had an operating capacity of 11 million litres a day.

By the late 1930s, the problem was that there was too much sewage in the sewerage system.

A new system The city was facing a crisis, and the only solution was to upgrade the sewer line.

One of the most important elements of the project was a new sewage treatment facility, which had to be built.

The first one was built near the city centre in 1901, and ran for nearly two decades.

This was the first system in Australia.

It was the biggest of its kind, and built on top a hill, on top the city itself.

It was also designed to provide an efficient way of managing sewage.

What happens when the system is built in a city?

In 1900, Sydney had a population of 1.3 million people.

In 2021, it had grown to 3.2 million people, and in 2033, it was almost 8.4 million people — the largest city in Australia at the time.

Sydney’s sewage system is now the biggest in Australia and the world, and its capacity has grown from about 1.6 million litres to 4.5 billion litres a year.

After the first sewer line was completed and the system was upgraded, the sewage flowed freely into the harbour.

It didn’t go directly into the ocean.

It went into a separate treatment plant, built on the city grounds and on the top of the hill.

The city did not have to pay for the water to go to the treatment plant.

So, the water is now treated in the harbour, not into the city, which means it’s cleaner and cleaner, and a lot less dirty.

But the system wasn’t complete yet.

In 1904, the City of Sydney commissioned the Melbourne Water Works Company to build the first sewer treatment plant on the hillside above the city and a new sewer line running from it.

“It was built on a hill on the site of the old Sydney Water Works and the city council took over the project from the Melbourne Works Company and built the sewage treatment plants at the new site,” explains Sydney historian and historian Peter Ruggiero.

At that time, there was a great deal of waste water coming in, and they couldn’t deal with it.

“The city had to do something with it, so they built a sewer treatment system to deal with that,” he says.

And what happened to the waste water?

It went into the new treatment plant that was being built to take it into the treatment system.

It is now called the MWP sewer treatment facility.

Its main function is to clean sewage from the sewage system and to transport it to treatment plants around the city where it is treated.

As the water gets to the MSP treatment plant it is pumped through pipes to a specialised system where it meets other wastewater.

“What it does is that it turns it into a sludge,” explains Peter Riggiero, Sydney’s city historian.

That sludge is put into a special tank that is kept under the city for a few years.

Then it is turned into water that is pumped out to a treatment plant at the site where it was originally put.

Once the sludge has been treated, it is sent to a plant where it goes through an elaborate process to be cleaned by specialised equipment.

“It is then piped to the ocean

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