Water purification

Water purification CONTACT How to get the best results from the most common household water filters

How to get the best results from the most common household water filters

A new water filter has been created by researchers in Australia to provide a water purifier that can purify the water in your home without harming your health.

The filter uses carbon dioxide as a natural disinfectant and it’s used in some Australian homes, but has been controversial among water users.

The water filter can remove more than 90 per cent of the CO2 in the water it filters.

The new filter can be used on any water source in Australia.

Dr Jeroen van Vleuten, an environmental engineering student at the University of Sydney and one of the researchers, said the filter could reduce the level of bacteria in the environment.

“We have been looking for a filter that can be easily used on water, that can also be readily replaced when you need it,” he said.

“The water filter is a product of a century of research, and this product is going to be of interest to people across Australia and beyond.”

The new filter uses a simple design that works like a simple filter, with the top of the filter absorbing the water, then releasing it out the back.

The filtration system can be adjusted to filter water as much as 80 per cent less than other filters.

There’s a few other things you should know about the filter, such as the carbon dioxide content, which can be controlled through the control panel, which looks like a water filtrator.

The filter can purge more than 95 per cent CO2 from the water within 30 seconds.

The water filtrate is currently available for purchase from Australian Water, but the researchers say they will be selling it to the public soon.

Dr van Vlesen said the carbon filter could also be used to clean water from the oceans.

“There are a lot of contaminants in the oceans, but what’s not seen in the mainstream media is how much water there is to filter,” he told ABC Radio.

“It can be a problem in terms of contamination in water from rivers, in the ocean, but we are not going to see that in our water system.”


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