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How to remove fluoride from drinking water

A new study shows that people who use bottled water have a higher risk of dental caries than those who don’t.

Researchers at the University of California-San Diego and the University at Buffalo looked at a database of more than 6,500 people across the United States, comparing people who used bottled water with those who did not.

Researchers found that those who drank bottled water had an increased risk of cavities, while those who didn’t drank bottled had a lower risk.

The study is a step toward developing fluoride-free water, but it also highlights the need for more research to better understand how fluoride affects the oral health of our population.

While fluoride levels in bottled water can be somewhat higher than in tap water, bottled water is usually not heated to temperatures that are considered toxic.

That means the fluoride levels that are in bottled may not reflect actual levels of fluoride in the water, the researchers said.

The data on the amount of fluoride added to bottled water, as well as how much is added, is currently incomplete, but researchers hope to get more data on that later this year.

The new study also looked at people who drank tap water in the study, and it found that people drinking bottled water also had an elevated risk of oral cancer.

The researchers also found that drinking water with higher levels of fluoridation, such as bottled water or tap water from the same manufacturer, may actually increase the risk of tooth decay.

Dr. Jeffrey Smith, the lead author of the study and a dental hygienist at the university, said that fluoride is a highly effective tool for preventing dental carious disease.

“It has a significant impact on dental health and reduces cavities,” he said.

“The research indicates that the fluoride in bottled is a strong predictor of the risk.”

For the study’s first study, researchers surveyed participants from the California Health Care Foundation’s statewide dental registry and then collected information from the state health department about dental carying.

Researchers also analyzed dental records from residents of three California cities and compared the risk for dental carials among those with and without fluoride in their drinking water.

They found that while those drinking bottled had lower risk of caries, they also had a higher rate of tooth loss.

The authors of the new study say that it is important to remember that water fluoridation is just one aspect of public health efforts to combat dental carishes, and they hope the data will inform other types of public education campaigns and the kinds of research that is required to better inform public health interventions.

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