Water purification

Water purification CONTACT How to get iron water to your body

How to get iron water to your body

Water purification companies and water purifiers can make a great deal of money from water that comes from rivers and lakes, according to a new report.article Water purifiers sell their water at a profit, and can also charge high prices for things like filters and pumps.

And in the United States, water purifying companies have grown into an industry with an estimated $3 billion in annual sales.

But the report by the National Water Resources Foundation says the industry has some problems, including “the large amount of money being spent on marketing and distribution, as well as the failure to adequately monitor the water supply.”

The foundation’s report said, “the water industry continues to be in an unregulated market.”

The report also said, water filtration systems are expensive and can be difficult to install and maintain, and some companies have not properly monitored water quality.

Water purification has been around for a while.

Water purifier companies have been making millions of dollars in revenue from the water they purify.

The industry is often touted as a cheaper way to clean up our water, but the industry also has a long history of questionable practices, including using toxic chemicals and not properly testing water.

The report, which found that most water purifier systems have not met environmental standards, said the market is worth billions of dollars, but there are many problems with the system.

The report said many water purifications systems in the U.S. don’t meet federal standards for water quality and that a “federally mandated” test for contaminants like lead and arsenic is not enough.

“While the market for water purify systems has been growing rapidly, the majority of these systems have a long and troubling history of poor quality and lack of oversight,” the report said.

The industry also makes money by selling water that is treated with chemical disinfectants, which can cause skin irritation.

The National Water Foundation said it found water purifies with a range of chemicals, including bleach, benzene, hydrogen peroxide, and hydrogen peroxides.

And it said it could not find any testing data to determine whether the water had been properly tested.

The foundation also said that many water filters and pumps use chemicals that can cause severe illness or even death.

It said that, in addition to the problems with water purified water, it also found that some of these devices do not require a licence.

“Water filtrating systems and pumps are designed to be disposable, and often do not meet the standards for safe use,” the foundation said.

“These types of products are a prime example of the ‘no frills’ approach that many manufacturers have taken to marketing their products.”

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