Water purification

Water purification ORDER How to make sure your water is safe to drink

How to make sure your water is safe to drink

India is facing its worst water crisis in decades, with the country facing one of the worst droughts in the world and water supplies under strain.

What to know about the drought India has been in a drought for nearly two years and more than 70% of the country’s people are experiencing food insecurity.

Water scarcity in India has forced millions of people to rely on private water sources, with farmers having to turn to imported water, such as tap water from neighbouring Pakistan.

Some states in India have also had to reduce water supplies for drinking and sanitation purposes.

A shortage of drinking water, coupled with the threat of water terrorism, has forced many people to take drastic measures to get their water supplies in order, including taking bottled water to tap and showering.

Some people have even resorted to using water purifiers to purify their water.

In some cases, people have resorted to cutting off their hair and putting it in a bag, as it is harder to filter water than to tap it.

Some of the cities of Punjab and Haryana, for example, have started to introduce water purifying filters in order to prevent contamination from the water.

The filters are used to purge contaminants from the drinking water and to prevent bacteria from entering the body.

In Delhi, Delhi’s water is being tested by a private laboratory to see if the filters work, said a Delhi government spokesperson.

The Delhi government has said that people who cannot afford to pay for water filtering or water purifier, should pay Rs1,500 ($2,400) to get the filter installed.

This is a voluntary service, the Delhi government said.

This does not include the costs of installation and the associated maintenance.

The filters are being used in Delhi, but in Punjab and Delhi, they are being tested to ensure that they are working and do not pose a threat to health or safety, said the spokesperson.

It is a step in the right direction but there is more work to be done, the spokesperson added.

There are more than 3 million households across the country that are not getting water from their taps and in some cases even have no water at all, according to the latest data.

In Uttar Pradesh, there are 1.6 million households without running water, which is more than two million people.

In Karnataka, there is an estimated 1.5 million households with no running water and more people are affected by water shortages.

In Maharashtra, there were more than 10 million households in need of water, but most of the water in these households is not being supplied, said Prabhat Bhaskar, head of water conservation group Kishor, which has been working to solve water shortages in the state.

Some localities in Maharashtra, including Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, have been offering free water purifications to people, but it is not yet clear whether they will be available to all people.

The situation is dire and the situation is not good, said Bhasker, who is also a member of the Indian Association for the Prevention of Irrigation (IAPI).

“There is no water supply in most areas of the state, and the government is not responding to the need of people,” he said.

In Bihar, the situation has been dire, with nearly one in five households in Bihar not having water supply, said Anjana Sharma, a spokesperson for the state’s water resources department.

Many people are trying to find ways to access water and sanitation, including using tap water, using a filter, drinking filtered water or using household filters to clean the water source.

According to the Water Ministry, there have been 1.1 million cases of water contamination in the country in 2016.

The water crisis has affected millions of farmers across the world, but experts say that the situation will be even more dire in India.

Water contamination is a major cause of deaths and disability in many developing countries.

A report released by the World Health Organization in June said that drinking water was a key cause of death in more than half of the world’s poorest countries.

Water is a human right, and people deserve it.

And we can be the first to support them, said Rajiv Mishra, professor at the Centre for Development Studies, New Delhi University.

Water pollution is also linked to poverty and social exclusion.

In India, many people do not have access to piped water, and have to rely to drinking water from private wells, said Ravi Sharma, the director of the Institute for Health and Development Studies.

Water theft, water theft and water terrorism are the two main ways people are stealing water in India, he added.

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