Water purification

Water purification ORDER Bio-Purification for Water: A new, portable water purifying system

Bio-Purification for Water: A new, portable water purifying system

By Emily B. Hallett, Associated PressA new bio-purification system that could be installed at the site of a proposed water filtration plant in South Carolina could drastically reduce the amount of contaminated water flowing through the local water supply.

Water purification advocates hope the Bio-Pour is a new way to treat water and reduce the risk of microorganisms from living in wastewater.

A bio-filter that removes bacteria and other contaminants could be inserted into a pipe and flushed through a filter system.

The Bio-Pot will cost about $250,000 to $300,000, depending on how many people have access to it and how long it takes to build.

It could be used to remove toxins from wastewater that are being released into the environment from industrial wastewater treatment plants and other sources.

It also could be placed in a water supply in a city or town and flushed, potentially removing the water source altogether.

The South Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has not yet approved the BioPot.

The company has not responded to questions about the project.

It is unclear whether the BioPour will be installed in South Charleston.

A South Carolina law passed in 2012 allowed the DEQ to issue permits to companies to develop bio-pumps that can capture wastewater that is discharged into the air.

It is unclear when the BioPur and other devices will be allowed to be installed.

But the new project is different.

The bio-filters would be installed along a portion of a water treatment plant, according to DEQ officials.

The company plans to install about two dozen BioPours and other filtchers, which would be placed along the water treatment line.

The devices are designed to take about a day to install, but it could take as long as a week to fully implement, DEQ spokeswoman Mary Ellen Clements said.

The bio-Pur, which is not yet on the market, would filter and remove a large volume of water that is released from wastewater treatment facilities and other locations.

The process would also eliminate the waste generated by the filtcher, the company said.

“This is a novel solution that is capable of removing significant amounts of contaminants from the wastewater stream,” Clements wrote in an email.

“It would require little more than a simple tap or showerhead and no special equipment.

The amount of waste removal could be done using standard industrial-scale equipment.”

Clements did not say whether the device would be approved for use in the U.S. or overseas.

The Bio-Pure will be tested at the plant and then shipped to a laboratory, she said.

The DEQ is seeking more information on the device.

The water is not a natural product, but can be treated and filtered to remove harmful bacteria, the BioPure would allow, Clements told the Associated Press.

The companies behind the project said they are seeking public feedback on the project and the impact it could have on the local environment.

The companies, which include GreenTech Corp., said they plan to use the technology to improve the lives of South Carolinians.

The Bi-Pours, a $1 million project, was developed by GreenTech and BioPowers, a subsidiary of the company, according

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