Water purification

Water purification ORDER How to safely wash your feet after drinking contaminated water

How to safely wash your feet after drinking contaminated water

The CDC says drinking contaminated tap water is not a health hazard, but some water purifiers are using a new technology to clean the water.CDC head Dr. Tom Frieden says the technology, called “Borehole Water Purification,” has been around for years, but there are now “a few” companies making it.

Dr. Frieden tells NPR’s Steve Inskeep that the technology works by putting a porous material inside a reservoir that can be flushed out by air or by pumping the water through a pump.

But he says it can’t do much about water that’s still in the system, or contaminated water, or water from the tap.

“There’s no way to get rid of those contaminants that are still in that water.

It’s just not possible,” he said.

In this case, Dr. Friedens said, the technology is designed to remove contaminants that might be in the water from contaminated tapwater.

The FDA approved the technology for use in the U.S. last year.

The agency says that’s because the process is relatively safe.

The CDC says in a statement, “The treatment can remove contaminants in tap water at levels not seen in drinking water for several weeks.”

“However, these compounds cannot be removed from contaminated water or groundwater without significant water quality improvements,” the agency says.

The technology has been in the works for years and has been tested in water purifying systems in Germany, Sweden, Norway, China and Japan, according to the CDC.

Drink water purifications can be an option for people who live near contaminated water.

The FDA says the process works by using a porous materials inside a fountain that can then be flushed through a system of pumps.

“The method can be adapted to a wide variety of tap water systems and other sources of drinking water, including municipal water systems, water systems that have been tested and found to be safe for human consumption, and water systems where there is a lack of contamination with harmful substances,” the FDA says.

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