Water purification

Water purification CONTACT How to Protect Your Home From Extreme Heat and Frost

How to Protect Your Home From Extreme Heat and Frost

In a world of artificial snow and rain, where we’re not sure if the water you drink from your taps will freeze, and we’re just now learning how much rain you’ll get when you pump your lawn, how will we know if we’re safe from this extreme heat?

That’s why researchers are building a water purifier for homes and businesses that will measure how much water they need to purify their water.

“We’re going to build a system that will be able to provide that water at a safe level,” says Andrew H. Jones, a researcher at the University of Illinois.

“That will give people an indication of whether they’re in the safe zone.”

The device, which will be made from water-resistant, carbon-free plastic, will have an internal sensor that can measure the temperature of the water.

When it detects that the water’s getting hotter than the outside temperature, the sensor will release an electric current, creating a heat.

The researchers say they have no idea how long the device will be working.

“It’s not going to last forever,” Jones says.

“I think it’s going to be more like a very low-power computer.

I think it’ll last for a few years.”

And the water that is produced will be purified, as well.

That sounds like a lot of water.

But according to Jones, there’s a lot less waste produced in water purifiers than we’re accustomed to.

“When you look at what happens when you have a lot more waste than you produce, it’s a problem,” he says.

This is just the beginning for the water purifying technology.

There are a lot fewer people working in water quality in the US, and that will change in the future.

The US is already seeing the impact of extreme weather on people’s water supplies, and as more people move away from cities to bigger, warmer areas, water quality will also become a bigger concern.

“People will go into places that are colder than they normally would,” Jones said.

“And people are going to use less water.”

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