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Water purification CONTACT Water purification Ritual for India’s First Hindu Temple begins in Bihar

Water purification Ritual for India’s First Hindu Temple begins in Bihar

BERRA, India — A ritual to purify water in the Hindu temple in Bihar is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, as a wave of religious fervor swept across the country, sparking a nationwide crackdown on the practice.

Bihar’s Hindu holy site is revered by millions of Hindus as the birthplace of the Hindu god Adya, and its temple is revered as a symbol of divine sovereignty.

The city of Patna is also home to the main temple of Vishnu, the god of rain, the birthplace and birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, the Buddha of Buddhism.

On Saturday, the temple in Bihara, a village in Bihar’s Bhiwandi district, was vandalized with graffiti calling for the destruction of the temple and demanding that its destruction be declared a crime against humanity, local officials said.

Authorities have ordered an investigation and ordered an immediate shutdown on the temple grounds and the nearby area.

Thousands of people took to the streets in the city to demand the temple’s destruction, the state government said on Sunday.

People also threw stones and water at police.

A police officer was stabbed in the arm after a group of men attacked him, the Bhiwatgi police station said.

Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters.

Hundreds of people protested in Bhatinda, a small village outside Patna, calling for their temple to be demolished.

Police said that the temple is one of the most sacred sites in the state and it was the responsibility of the state to protect it.

Rituals to purification for temples are a practice practiced by Hindus across the world and are believed to be linked to Hindu deities, such as Shiva and Lakshmi, who are venerated as deities.

Some countries around the world also have temples to which purification rituals are often administered, including Israel and China.

In the past few weeks, more than 100 temples in India have been damaged or destroyed in various parts of the country by arson, looting and vandalism, officials said, though officials have not publicly named the culprits.

India’s Supreme Court has ordered a crackdown on temples and temples that offer offerings to gods or the Goddesses, who is considered an embodiment of purity, but have been allowed to continue functioning despite the crackdown.

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