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Water purification ORDER Why Apple is selling a water purifier instead of a water filter

Why Apple is selling a water purifier instead of a water filter

The water-purification industry is thriving, but there’s no shortage of competitors.

Water purifiers have long been the go-to for those who want to purify water and are able to do so quickly and safely.

But now Apple is offering its own water purifiers, dubbed Thermo Water, in a bid to compete with competitors.

Apple sells water purifying water filters at stores in India and China, but it’s selling its own in the United States.

It’s not a surprise that Apple is making its own versions of the device, since it has been making water purifications for years, according to TechCrunch.

Apple also has its own line of filters, which include a “Water Purification” model.

Both of those models are the same, but Apple sells a cheaper model that’s cheaper than the pricier Thermo water filter.

With the Thermo, Apple sells two different models: a $99 one-time fee for its Water Purification filter, and a $199.99 model that will include a water-absorbing filter.

Apple also sells an older model, which includes a $249.99 filter.

But there are two major differences between the two.

The first difference is the price.

The Thermo filter is only $49.99, whereas the cheaper Thermo is $249 and includes a water filtering filter.

The $249 Thermo also has a water resistance rating of 1.5 meters, while the $249 Water Purifier has a rating of 5 meters.

For comparison, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus comes with an 8-meter water resistance, but its $100 water-resistance rating is only 1 meter.

Even though the Water Purifiers aren’t exactly the same as Apple’s own filters, Apple’s water-saving measures seem to be the key factor in Apple’s decision to sell them separately.

As TechCrunch points out, Apple uses a water seal on its thermos and is the only company to make water-resistant thermos in the US.

But in a market saturated with cheaper water-soluble water-dispensing devices, it’s unlikely Apple’s product will make it to the masses.

“It’s a good idea to keep the price point low, because water-filters tend to be more expensive than water filters that have filters,” said Chris Sibylla, an environmental scientist at the University of Southern California.

However, Apple is not the only tech company selling its products to the public in India.

Google and Samsung are also selling their own water-sensing devices in the country.

Apple has also introduced its own “Apple Water” water-proof smartphone, and is looking to enter the water-efficiency market as well.

Apple is also trying to tap into emerging markets.

In India, Apple has partnered with Birla to offer its customers free water filters.

The company’s products are also available through various retailers like Indias most-used water brand, Birlas.

In China, Apple recently launched its own mobile water filter that works with Apple Pay.

On a more domestic level, Apple also has partnered up with Nest to sell its Nest thermostats in India, though it is only available through the company’s Nest online store.

Other tech companies are also making their own thermos filters.

Nest’s Thermo product is available in India through its own website and a number of retailers.

Nest also sells its own thermo filters.

Google’s water filters also work with Apple’s Nest thermos.

Nest has partnered to sell Nest thermogenerators through various outlets in India as well, including Amazon India and Amazon.in.

And lastly, Google has partnered in the last few months with an unnamed US company to sell a water filtration device that’s a direct competitor to Apple’s Thermomotors.

While the device will reportedly be available at select stores starting this month, the device is reportedly available in the UK and Australia as well as the US, China, and India.

Apple has partnered both Thermo and Nest with the Indian market.

It also has an official water filter for Nest thermo thermos, which it sells through its website.

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