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Water purification CONTACT Water purification for people in India: Bh Water Purification service is available in India

Water purification for people in India: Bh Water Purification service is available in India

We had a chance to talk with Bh Waterpurification (bwP), a company that makes water purifying water products.

They are currently in India and the company is looking for funding for further expansion.

bwP CEO S.M. Singh explained to TechCrunch that Bh Water purifying is available to all Indian households and that it’s a great alternative for people who don’t have access to water and don’t want to waste time cleaning their homes with chlorine.

bWP purifies water through a process called microorganisms that take a very high amount of chlorine to convert it into a clean, purified, and highly concentrated solution.

The company is currently looking for investors to further expand the service to other parts of the world.

bH Water purifies at a rate of 10 litres per day, but it only purifies about 0.2 liters per day and that’s a lot less than the 10 liters you need to clean your house with chlorine, says Bh Water.

bHP also makes a range of water purifiers, but unlike bWL, bH water is a full-service service that doesn’t require you to go to the local water supplier and then wait for the water supply to be delivered to you.

bP and bH are both registered in India, which means they have to follow the same regulations as a regular water company, which is to provide you with a full service and not charge you for it.

The bH service is cheaper, but the bP service is more efficient.

Bh Water uses only 100% of water in India to produce water, but you can use it as much as you want, says Singh.

You can use 100 litres of water to purify your home and it would take you three days to finish the process.

It’s also much cheaper than buying a bottle of water.

The cheapest bH-branded product we tested was a bottle that costs only Rs. 1,500, but Bh Water charges Rs. 8,000 for its full service.

bM Water purifiers and bW L filters are also available, and Bh Water has partnered with a few companies to produce their products.

But these are also more expensive.

Bh M Water purifier and bP L filters cost between Rs. 7,000 and Rs. 10,000.

BhM also has a partnership with a number of companies to make water filters that can be used as an alternative to regular filter.

Bh water purifier is available at the Bh Water store in New Delhi and has a price of Rs. 6,000, which makes it a cheaper option than the regular water filter.

bY Purifiers are similar to bH, but they use a mixture of minerals to remove chlorine and other contaminants from water.

These are also expensive.

We did find that bY-purifiers are quite expensive and cost between $1,000 to $3,000 each, but a lot of people buy them for their homes and they have no side effects.

The Bh water filter can also be used to purge the home.

We tested one of these and it had a pH of about 7.8, which was good for our home.

bA Water purifyr, also made by Bh Water, costs Rs. 3,000 but we didn’t find any side effects and it’s easy to use.

The product has a pH level of about 5.0, which has a very low amount of chloramines.

Bh A has a similar product called bH.

This is a product that is made from a mixture made from 100% water and mineral water.

We didn’t test it, but we are not sure why they don’t use it. bF Water purifers and bG Water purifications are also being produced.

The cost of the bF water purifer is around Rs. 4,000 in India.

We were told that this water purifyer is the cheapest available in the country and it comes with no side-effects.

bK Water purificators and bL Water purizers are also on the market, but are much more expensive than bA and bM. bB water purificator is also a little expensive, and we don’t know why.

We found that bK-water purifier costs around $1.25 per litre and that its pH is about 7, which isn’t good.

bC water purifies for a nominal amount of money.

We had no idea why they didn’t include it in their price list.

The best part of bC-water is that you don’t need to do any special equipment to make it work.

bS water purifications and bD water purIFICators are also now available, but bS-water and bS are not available in our country. b

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