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The Next Water Purification Course

A new water purifying course from the US Navy is set to be launched next month, with a total cost of around $100 million.

The course, dubbed The Next Aquarium, will be a two-day program.

It will take place from March 5-6, 2017 in the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, according to a Navy release.

The Aquarium will be designed to “enhance the learning environment for cadets in the Naval Academy’s aquatic studies, water stewardship, and aquatic technology programs.”

It will involve six classes of students, according a Navy statement.

Students will learn about “water quality, environmental stewardship and water quality management”, according to the Navy.

Participants will also be exposed to “aerosols, microorganisms, and marine life.”

The course is a part of the Naval Corps of Engineers Aquarium and Aquarium Science Program, which has been running since 2012.

“This is a truly innovative project from a Navy perspective and a very exciting opportunity for the Corps to be a leading water purifier,” Navy Vice Admiral Robert Clements, the program manager, said in a statement.

The Navy plans to have about 1,400 students enrolled at The Aquaria.

“We are proud to offer this opportunity to students in the Corps and hope they will have a life-long appreciation for the great mission of the Corps,” the release said.

“The Aquarium provides an excellent opportunity to build a bridge between the corps and its community through a partnership of local leaders, industry, and the Corps.”

This will be the Navy’s first foray into the aquatic sciences and is a “great opportunity to bring our students the knowledge and experience they will need to prepare them for careers in science, engineering, and technology,” the Navy added.

“Students will be able to participate in a challenging course that provides them with a solid foundation in marine biology, aquatic ecology, and environmental management.”

The Aquarias main goal is to improve the Corps’ understanding of marine biology.

“In order to ensure the Corps maintains its commitment to excellence in marine science and environmental stewardsion, we want to ensure that our cadets have a thorough understanding of these topics,” the Naval Aquarium said in its announcement.

The new course is part of a “growing program of Navy aquatic science and aquatic studies” at the Corps, which began in 2010.

It has a total budget of more than $2 billion, according the Navy, which said the program is being designed to meet the needs of the Navy and its allies.

The Corps currently has an Aquarium Research Laboratory and Aquarius Aquarium.

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