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Water purification CONTACT Why Toronto’s water system needs a facelift

Why Toronto’s water system needs a facelift

Toronto has been running out of drinking water for years, but now the city is at the mercy of a water system that’s been running dry for decades. 

The city’s water supply, which was once so clean and safe, is now being used as a “pump and dump” for a water-intensive industry that makes millions from selling water to residential and commercial customers. 

With no reliable source of water, Toronto’s residents have been forced to rely on a mixture of municipal, private and public wells. 

And now, according to CBC News, a new study has found that some of those municipal and public supplies are not being cleaned properly. 

A report commissioned by Toronto’s municipal council and published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health said the city’s system of municipal water supply has not been cleaned to the point where it meets health standards, which could lead to the development of infections. 

“This is a problem for Toronto,” Mayor John Tory told the Toronto Star in January. 

Toronto’s water crisis is now affecting the entire country. 

In Canada, the average person in the United States uses roughly 10 gallons of water per day.

That translates to about 1,800 litres of water that are being used for personal hygiene and hygiene products. 

Tory said the new study also found that while Toronto’s system is clean, it’s not 100 per cent clean, and some of the water that comes out of those taps has become contaminated with bacteria. 

But it’s also a problem in other cities around the world. 

One of the largest water purifiers in the world, the water purifier at the San Diego Zoo, has been closed since the summer of 2016 because of a lack of water. 

Meanwhile, in China, a report released last month by the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that as much as 85 per cent of the country’s drinking water comes from private wells, and it said a significant proportion of the pollution coming out of private wells is caused by sewage and waste from the wastewater treatment plant, which is owned by China’s state-owned company. 

So, what can you do to help? 

According to the Canadian Association of Public Waterworks, you can help. 

This month, the association is hosting a water safety workshop at the Toronto Museum of Art to discuss the challenges of managing municipal water in Toronto. 

Also this month, Toronto is hosting its first-ever WaterSense Canada Day, an event to highlight the importance of water safety in Toronto, including issues like pollution, water quality and the use of private water.

Toronto’s City of Toronto’s public water utility says it’s working to address the city, but there’s no word yet on when the city will resume operations.

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