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Water purification Water Treatment Devices Biomimics can help treat and eliminate colds, flu, asthma and more

Biomimics can help treat and eliminate colds, flu, asthma and more

By Mark Molloy CBS NewsPublished April 08, 2018 08:00:00By Mark MottowayCBS NewsSAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – For some, the answer to cold and flu is just water.

But for others, the next generation of chemists are learning to control bacteria, produce antibacterial products and even produce pharmaceuticals.

So far, scientists have created drugs for asthma and for cancer, but a team of scientists from UC San Francisco is trying to create a product that could help treat colds and flu.

Their product is called Biomims Biomics, which has already been tested in rats.

“We’re hoping to be able to make a pill that can be given in a pill, a capsule, a spray and you just inject it, and you can use it as a nasal spray, you can also use it to treat flu,” said Dr. Anil Sankar, the head of the UCSF Microbial Engineering Lab.

The company’s product is a combination of bacteria that can convert sugars into sugar-like substances, and chemicals that can create antimicrobial compounds.

Biological material is what makes this molecule so effective at fighting bacteria, which can make them more dangerous than viruses, Sanker said.

Bacteria are made up of a lot of different species.

For example, it takes up about 30 to 40% of the water in a cup of water.

Bacterial products are made from this bacterial mixture, and that means the products work well against bacteria, he said.

But there are also a lot more complex organisms in the world than just bacteria.

So if you want to make something that works against viruses, you need to make things that can kill viruses and other complex organisms.

To make that work, Sinkar’s lab built a chemical process that takes up a lot less water and produces chemicals that are able to kill viruses.

He said the process could be used to make products that can neutralize antibiotics or antibacterial compounds, and also to make drugs that can fight infections and help patients stay healthy.

“The first thing we want to do is make a vaccine, which is a compound that is going to help people stay healthy,” he said, “but it’s also going to be an antibacterial compound.”

Bacterial pill, capsule and spraySource: Biomimbics Biomotics patent applicationThe company has already produced a few different types of pills and capsules.

They have been tested and have shown they work, and they also have some promise in treating respiratory diseases.

For instance, the company said it has developed a capsule that can produce a drug that can reduce the symptoms of pneumonia and asthma.

Sankar said the company is now working on a pill called Biomembicry, which he said could work for treating colds or flu as well.

“I believe the first pill that I can actually make will be for influenza and pneumonia,” he explained.

The Biomembiry pill contains a combination protein, which could help in the fight against viruses.

The next step is testing it in a petri dish, and then it will go to a petrochemical plant and then to the Food and Drug Administration, Sanksar said.

Sinkar said he is working with some FDA scientists to make sure the drug is safe and is effective, but it’s too early to know how the product will work.

“If the FDA approves it, I think we’re going to get some kind of approval in a couple of months,” he told CBS SF.

Says Sankara, “It’s not too early.

There’s no reason we can’t get FDA approval for the next pill.”

Sankara said it would take months to build the product and the manufacturing process, but he said it will likely take another three to six months to create it.

He also said the product could be made in a lab.

“In a lab, we can do everything we need to do,” he added.

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