Water purification

Water purification ORDER A New Cure For The Boring Water Flu: Cedi Water Purification

A New Cure For The Boring Water Flu: Cedi Water Purification

Cedi, Singapore, May 4: A team of researchers has developed a simple water purifying device that could help millions of Singaporeans with water poisoning.

The device is designed to reduce the number of viruses in drinking water, according to the research team led by Dr Gopi Kumar of the Singapore Aquarium.

The researchers developed the device after a water purifier they tested in a public water supply in Singapore went out of control.

It contained viruses that cause a water-borne infection.

The team’s water purifiers tested positive for viruses as recently as three weeks ago.

“The viruses in the water purifyers can be killed by water treatment,” said Dr Gopal Kumar, head of the water-purification laboratory at the Singaporean Aquarium Water Research Centre.

“But it is still possible to get them into drinking water.

This is a very important breakthrough.”

The device has a large surface area for a single device.

The scientists said that the device is easy to manufacture and can be easily tested in the laboratory.

The devices can also be used in emergency situations, when there is a risk of contamination from other sources.

Water purification in Singapore has become a contentious issue over the past two years.

The country’s government has been under pressure to reduce its water consumption, as the virus-laden water supply has become an emergency.

However, a crackdown on the virus and an ongoing investigation into how it spread have not stopped Singaporeans from drinking contaminated water.

Singapore has been a hub for the spread of the virus in Asia, especially in the southern province of Kalimantan.

Last year, the government banned the sale of water purifications to households with children.

The water purifies for up to 12 hours and purifies the water from the tap for about six hours.

Dr Gope Chua, a lecturer at the School of Public Health and Environment at the University of Singapore, said the water Purify devices have been available in Singapore since the 1970s.

“We had a huge outbreak of the flu in Singapore when it was first discovered that the virus was spreading in our water supply,” Dr Chua said.

“Now we know that the water treatment industry is responsible for the problem.”

Water purifiers are commonly used in Singapore, where there are around 50,000 people.

According to the water control facility, water purifiying devices are a key part of Singapore’s water supply.

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