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Water purification Water Treatment Devices ‘Water purification cubes are really great’: The UK’s largest water purifier

‘Water purification cubes are really great’: The UK’s largest water purifier

UK water purifiers are often seen as little more than cheap and cheerful additions to the home fridge, but the country’s biggest water purifying cube has a whole new meaning for a country struggling to keep up with the world’s water demands.

The £2.50 cubes, which are available from the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, Tesco, have been available in the UK since February but now, as part of a new UK government initiative, the government has added a new water purging device to the water purifications.

The water purified cubes are the first water purIFICators that can purify the water in a dishwasher, the Daily Telegraph reports. 

The cubes are designed to purify as much water as is available in a 12 litre pot, which is enough for about 150,000 litres of water, the Telegraph reports.

“We’re just getting started.

I think it’s great that we’re starting to get people to take advantage of this device, it’s going to be really useful,” water purify manager, Peter Whittaker told the Telegraph.

Whittaker, who is based in Nottingham, told the paper that the cubes were designed to be used in a standard dishwasher.

“The cubes work by distilling the water from the water and then distilling it again, making it much more efficient,” he said.

“It works with a standard 12 litres pot, but it’s also available in smaller pot sizes.”

For the smallest water purifies to do the job, you’d need about 100 or 200 water purifers.

“Whittakers research found that while the cubes had a relatively high capacity, they were also relatively expensive, with the price of a unit starting at £2,500 ($3,000).

Whittackers team are currently working on a more affordable model that will be made from aluminium, which will be cheaper, but still will provide the same capacity.

Whattakers told the Guardian that he hopes to launch a larger device by the end of the year, although that has not yet been confirmed.

The new water management system will be available to UK residents in June and will be priced at around £2 per cube.

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