Water purification

Water purification ABOUT US EPA to launch investigation into water quality in US

EPA to launch investigation into water quality in US

EPA will launch an investigation into the water quality of the US, including whether chemicals are used in the process, a spokesperson has said.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has sent a letter to EPA chief Scott Pruitt and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) asking them to investigate the water supplies in New York, California and Illinois, where EPA has been conducting water quality tests in recent months.

EPA has asked the two groups to provide a public report detailing any environmental or public health issues they may have had with the testing, and will seek to ensure the results are reliable.

“We are confident that the EPA will conduct a thorough and independent investigation,” a spokesperson for the EPA said.

“EPA will conduct this investigation with the goal of protecting public health, safety, and the environment.”

EPA is also asking the AWWA to release a summary of its results to the public.

It is unclear what the findings will include.

According to the EPA, the water in New Mexico, New York and Illinois was tested from February 6 to March 4 and the results were released on March 6.

The tests involved a “highly toxic” mixture of sodium chlorite and chlorine, which were found to be in the water and in the wastewater treatment plants.

A number of studies have shown the use of chlorine in the chemical industry has led to water contamination, as well as harmful effects on human health, according to the US Environmental Protection Commission.

Chlorine is a chemical found in the soil that is highly toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

In October, the EPA announced it would temporarily halt tests in California, following a series of reports showing high levels of the chemical in the waterways of the state.

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