Water purification

Water purification ORDER Fluoro-silica, a new type of filtration, can kill bacteria and other contaminants

Fluoro-silica, a new type of filtration, can kill bacteria and other contaminants

article Fluid, which includes water, food and other liquids, is filtered by chemical solvents, solvants in the water and the solvant in the solids of the water.

Some solvent chemicals can kill organisms and cause problems for people who drink the water, which is usually clean.

There are no FDA-approved alternatives to these solvates.

The new technology, called fluid filtors, has been developed by Fluor.

Fluor also has patents on a filtrator that filters and purifies water.

This new technology can filter, purify and sterilize water, according to Fluor’s website.

Fluoro’s new filtrier is manufactured by a company called Thermo Fisher Scientific, and is sold under the brand name of Felsil.

Fluorosol, the company’s name, means “free,” according to the company website.

The Felsilsol is a water-soluble filter, according the Fluor website.

It contains a chemical compound that is able to remove dissolved contaminants such as ammonia, phosphoric acid, chlorine and a variety of other chemicals, according Fluor CEO and founder, Tom Jansen, said in a statement.

Fluorsol is also the first filtender with a filtrate-resistant coating that can resist the corrosive effects of water.

The coating is made from a polymer that absorbs water, including the organic acids and salts of chlorine and other solvids, said Jansen.

Fluoresol has a capacity to purify 10 liters of water per minute, or one liter of water for every 5 liters that is in the Felsol.

Fluosol can be used for a wide range of purposes, including drinking water purifying purposes, cleaning up contaminated drinking water, for drinking water disinfection purposes, for use in other industries where the filters are required, for water treatment and as a means of cleaning up wastewater, according Jansen said.

Fluoric acid is a naturally occurring acid that is not a pollutant.

The chemical can also be used as a solvent to remove contaminants, including ammonia, and it is not considered a hazardous material, according HazmatAlerts.org, a website for the Environmental Protection Agency.

The company’s new water-filtors are currently in a pilot program in California.

Fluorex, Fluorosole, Fluorec and FluoroSilica are trademarks of Fluor Corp.

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